Private Detectives in Lima Perú.

Fast, effective and safe Private Investigations in Lima Peru and internationally.
! Do not be a victim of the LIES of your partner, child, family member, worker or clients!

Do you suspect that your couple, some relative, partner or client is cheating on you?

To know the truth has become a necessity in order to recover your peace?

Do you think you are a victim of infidelity?

3 Reasons to Hire us

Do you frequently hide your cell phone?

Now it does not let you see or touch your cell phone, it keeps it with keys and changes them consecutively, silent mode, makes and answers calls in private, you have the feeling that it deletes all your call histories, text messages and WhatsApp.

Strange changes in your daily routine?

Spend less time at home, have more "obligations", supposed overtime in the office or work, sudden visits to family and friends, sudden trips, now he is very quiet or is more romantic than normal.

Does it manipulate your suspicions of infidelity?

He gets irritated every time he is cornered when you claim him for suspicions of infidelity, he makes you believe that your suspicions are only imaginations or hallucinations on your part, he tells you repeatedly that you are crazy, and that your claims do not make sense, adding that you get carried away by gossip or rumors of third parties.

Who we are?

We are the International Agency of Secret Private Detectives ; With 15 years of experience in the area of ​​private investigation and the art of espionage.

We are part of the worldwide network of private detectives that operates in more than 17 countries. We are young men and women, career researchers passionate about discovering the truth, ready to unmask lies, traps that overwhelm you, always maintaining confidentiality and secrecy.

Based on the experience of our team of private detectives, in the use of investigative tools, we will analyze the behavior of the person you are doubting at the moment. tool research, we will analyze the behavior of that person that you are doubting at this time.

We will COLLECT EVIDENCE which provides the truth using photos, videos, audios and documents in any of the next cases.

  • Couple’s Infidelities
  • Corporate fraud
  • Cyber Threats
  • Insurance Companies Disguise

Use the evidence to prove that you are not a FOOL, win the lawsuit, make the right decision and regain your peace.


We Solve Investigations
at International Level

In Private Detectives Secret´s Investigators International we know that at this precise moment you You are looking for the best option ECONOMIC to alleviate or clarify your doubts in a case of Infidelity, Disloyalty, Doubtful Behaviors, Insurance Verifications, or any other issue, for that reason we recommend that you first inform yourself, meet your investigator, call him, question him, request him, we are obliged to give clients a clear strategy for any of their cases, remember the popular saying < span style = "color: #ffffff;"> “ CHEAP IS VERY EXPENSIVE , in our Institutional Videos we clarify all your doubts before hiring.


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